Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance

In terms of customer satisfaction rating, Humana health insurance landed on the top 3. The number one reason its customers bought a Humana health plan is that they saw a TV commercial about the plan. But there are other reasons its customers choose one of its plans. These reasons would include the following:

  • Their employers offer it.
  • The policies are highly recommended by their friends or family member.
  • They saw Humana’s ad online.
  • They consider Humana’s rates to be the best.
  • Their parents opt for a health plan from this company.
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Humana has a wide range of health plans. And the majority of these plans have the lowest rates. If you are living in one of the states where the company operates, then you must consider opting for its health plans. When it comes to health insurance, Humana’s health plan is one of the best options you can have. As the fifth-largest health insurance provider, Humana offers affordable health plans. It has over 14 million members in the US alone. It is also the seventh-largest pharmacy in the US. But its Pharmacy Solutions program is a mail order only. Despite its status as a major player in the health insurance industry, it is not as big as the UnitedHealth Group and CVS Corporation.

The health plan coverage will include 22 states. Its major coverage is in the lower half of the country, as well as the Midwest. Choosing a PPO policy lets you choose a healthcare provider across the US. It is an ideal plan if you have kids who are part of your healthcare plan but they are now situated in another state. PPO plan is not the same as the HMO plan. The latter does not cover any out-of-network treatments. But it will cover it provided you can validate that it is an emergency.

Array of Policies

Humana is a huge health insurance company that offers a wide array of health plans. Its plans are above average. Apart from health plans, you can also purchase here dental and vision plans. Patients with chronic illnesses or older individuals with no capacity to live on their own can opt for Humana’s home healthcare plan. It is a beneficial policy that can cover all expenses for your ongoing care. This plan is especially vital if you are homebound. You can also use this plan if you are still recovering from treatment. It will cover your transition care costs.

How About Short-Term Plans

Unfortunately, this health insurance provider does not yet offer short-term plans. Thus, if you need temporary coverage to fill your gap, then you cannot find one from Humana. The good thing is that other insurers are offering such a plan. Short-term plans can temporarily fill any coverage gap. For instance, if you are changing jobs, you will be left with no coverage for a certain period. But a short term plan can fill that gap. Humana also does not offer any international coverage. Thus, if you travel abroad, you must opt for another health insurance company. But if you have a Humana Medicare Advantage, you can obtain an international coverage.

Humana Medicare Plans

Most people who are 65 years old or older are qualified to obtain a Medicare plan. Humana offers some of the Medicare plans. These plans are useful to lower your prescription drug costs, dental and vision bills. But they are supplemental plans and can be used along with your major health plans.

When you sign up with a Humana health plan, you will be automatically a member of Humana. Members can access the company’s patient resources that would include useful tools in comparing providers. The tools also let you monitor your claims and make online payments. You can also download necessary forms, like the claim or application form. These online resources are also useful in checking your claim states and search for in-network providers before you visit one.

Humana also offers member discounts through Beltone, HearUSA, etc. You can use these discounts for your vision and hearing care cost. You can also obtain a rewards program. There are also discounts when you purchase healthy foods. Plus, you can gain points when you start practicing healthy living. Humana also offers discounts on massage therapy and similar treatments.

The company also incorporates health education tools that allow you to read articles regarding healthy living. They can explain your health plan. Plus, you can read details about managing your chronic illness or manage your finances. Humana also explains the Affordable Care Act, which has a huge influence on health insurance these days. Being a member of this insurance company will help you stay informed through the online tools available. When you read its help articles, you are more motivated to stay fit and healthy.

Humanas Mobile App

The company is one of the most innovative in the health insurance industry. It offers a mobile app that features a lot of benefits. Its mobile app is a selling point of Humana’s plans. Humana has four apps and each one has a different benefit or purpose. For example, the MyHealth app lets you track your health goals. If you need to track your prescription drugs, you can do so with HumanaPharmacy. Tracking of your rewards is possible through the HumanaVitality.

If you need a nurse to ask about your current health, you can do so with the Medicare health rewards program. It has an on-call nurse that you can contact at any time. You can shop for its plans easily by simply using its tool. You can discover benefits by state and use the tool in finding a healthcare provider. They can assist you in searching for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and several others.

Humana ensures that you can contact its customer support team through a phone line or a web portal. It has a great tool that enables you to find plans easily. Plus, you can easily compare plans and their costs, as well as coverage using its official website by visiting When finding a health insurance provider, you must pick a company that will pay your claims. And one of those providers is Humana. It may have some limitations but its advantages can easily outweigh its related disadvantages.