Benefits offered under Medicare Supplement Enrollment and the Other Plans

The Mutual Of Omaha provides a number of benefits under its different schemes which makes each purchase a valuable one. The benefits have been created to ensure maximum service of the good to the customer and return them highly because of the trust and commitment they have placed with the service provider. Let us have a look at some benefits under each insurance plan.

For Medigap Plans

  •  Nationwide Coverage: The customer can see any service provider across the US as the services offered by the Mutual of Omaha are available coast to coast nationwide.
  • Discounted Premiums for households: The policyholders from a single household are offered 12% discount on their premiums.
  • Nominal Expenses: No application fees are involved.
  • Free look Period: The look period is free up to 30 days.
  • Fast Services: The plans and related services are available online. The policy issuing is quite rapid,
  • Renewability is guaranteed: The recipient cannot be canceled for health conditions or medical usage.
  • Temporary ID’s: If required by the policyholder, the temporary ID card is available and can be sent electronically in case of need.
  • Additional benefits: Coinsurance or copayments benefits can be bought for an additional price.

For the Long-term Insurance Plans

  • Care Coordinator: A care coordinator can be accessed under this insurance policy.
  • Coverage benefit: From $10,000 to $100,000 is paid as lump sum benefit under the policy limit is reached.
  • Additional Benefits: On payment of an additional cost, following optional benefits are available:
  • Inflation Protection
  • Security Benefit
  • Shared Care
  • Return of Premiums

Under the dental insurance policy: 

  • Preventive Services i.e; 2 cleanings per year and X rays are for free.
  • The policyholder has to pay for just 50% of expenses of major services including crowns, dentures, bridges, root canals and periodontics.
  • 80% of basic services are covered under Mutual Dental Preferred Option and 50% are covered by Mutual Dental Protection Policy.
  • For implants, lifetime benefit of $3000 is given under Mutual Dental Preferred Option and $2000 for Mutual Dental Protection Policy.
  • $1500 and $1000 are given as the calendar year benefit for Mutual Dental Preferred Policy and Mutual Dental Protection Policy respectively.

Under the disability Insurance policy:

  • A monthly income is covered which doesn’t let individual’s and his family daily routine expenses suffer.
  • Time Period: Plans are available for both short term and long term.
  • A special cover plan is available for accident and priority basis.

There are attractive benefits available for all policyholders of the Mutual of Omaha Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan G upon the plan purchased. Pick the one you want after reviewing your needs and consulting with the agent.